Belmed PC7-C Flushmount Flowmeter

Belmed PC7-C Flushmount Flowmeter


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Belmed PC7-C Flushmount Flowmeter

  • Model: 5500
  • Manufactured by: Belmed
  • OEM Number: 5500
  • Warranty: One Year
  • Condition: New

Belmed PC7-C Flushmount Flowmeter


The PC7-C has been reconfigured to fit into todays cabinetry and provides the same time proven precision and dependability as our standard PC-7 unit.

Dimensions: 4.25″H x 12.187″W x 4.687″D

On/Off control. Simple ¼ turn, establishes a 3 liter minimum O2 flow.

Oxygen Flush. Provides rapid flow of Oxygen directly to patient breathing circuit.

Micrometer Needle Valves. Allow quick, responsive flow adjustments. Needle valve design prevents seat damage.

Minimum 30% O2. Is achieved by limiting flows to a minimum of 3 liters for O2 and a maximum of 7 liters for N2O.

Dual Cascading Flowmeter Tubes. O2 and N2O are calibrated in liters per minute.

Oxygen Fail-Safe. Automatically and proportionally reduces N2O in the event O2 is reduced or shut off.

Solid Gas Control Block. Designed to eliminate internal gas leaks.

O2 Quick Connect. Provides connection of auxiliary resuscitation equipment.

NRB Check Valve. Prevents the rebreathing of expired gases and guards against CO2 build-up.

Emergency Air Valve. Entrains ambient air into the breathing circuit in the event flow from the machine is lost for any reason.



Belmed PC7-C Flushmount Flowmeter


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