DynaRest Airfloat 100 Air Mattresses 10441


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DynaRest Airfloat 100 Air Mattresses 10441 Homecare & Hospital Beds dynarest-airfloat-100-air-mattresses-10441 Dentamed USA Air


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DynaRest Airfloat 100 Air Mattresses 10441 (36″ X 80″ )

The DynaRest Airfloat 100 is a convenient, medical grade air mattress designed with user comfort in mind. The mattress is equipped with an air pump and a convenient pressure control hand dial to directly customize the firmness of the mattress. The Airfloat 100 has two settings: static mode, which is ideal for patient transfers, and alternating mode, which provides cell inflation for pressure redistribution.

The DynaRest Airfloat 100 provides a medical-grade solution to a wide range of patients up to 350 lb. The Airfloat 100 combines dual therapies of low air loss and alternating pressure in one unit used to treat pressure wounds. 20 8-inch alternating air cells and adjustable air flow dial with weight indicators provide customized pressure levels for patient comfort and individual requirements. There is also a static mode that inflates all air cells to allow caretakers to suspend the alternating feature, reducing the risk of injury during repositioning or transfers. The DynaRest Airfloat 100 comes with a pillow function, for additional patient stability and comfort.
  • Alternating pressure mattress replacement system
  • CPR valve allows for rapid deflation
  • 2 modes: Alternating cycle and static
  • Equipped with low pressure indicator light
  • Weight capacity 400 lb.
More Information
Weight Capacity (Pounds)350
Product Material – CoverNylon, PU
Product Material – CellsNylon, PVC
Power Supply120V/60Hz
Number of Layers1
Number of Cells20
Mattress – Low Air Loss (Y/N)Yes
Mattress – Alternating Pressure (Y/N)Yes
DEHP Free (Y/N)Yes
Warranty1 year Limited
Pump Weight (Pounds)3.8
Product Size – Actual Width (Inches)36
Product Size – Actual Weight (Pounds)15.4
Product Size – Actual Length (Inches)80
Master Case UPC616784044118  
Master Case Dimensions15.0″ W x 11.8″ D x 19.7″ H
Length of Power Cord (Inches)177
Individually Packed Product UPC616784044118  
HCPCS CodeE0277
Fire Rating16CFR1633


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