Handler Sandblaster Model 51

51 Sandblaster

A table-top sandblaster for use with Sand, Glass Beads or Walnut Shells, the 51 is designed to clean or treat the surfaces of precious castings e.g. copings, pontics, inlays, etc. Its compact size, with hinged, frontal access door, rubber side glove, large 5” [13cm] square window, lever air control valve and 3” [7.6cm] diameter exhaust port, allows for placement in a small lab area. Shipped complete with 3’ x 1/2” [8cm x 1cm] air line hose, interior light, 5 lbs [2.3 Kg] of medium sand abrasive, and filter bag, the 51 is an excellent addition to any laboratory. Constructed of heavy gauge sheet steel and finished in a durable, baked coating.
Handler Sandblaster Model 51
Shipping Wgt.: 22 lbs [7.7 Kg]
Unit Dimensions: 10” W x 10” D x 14” H [25cmx25cmx36cm]
Wallnut Shell Blaster – Order Model 51W

The Manufacturer  offer a 1 years warranty on defects in workmanship or materials, under normal use, with the purchase of this product. Contact Your Medical Dental Equipment for additional warranty information. The Manufacturer reserves the right to repair or replace warranted products at discretion.



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