Hill-Rom TotalCare Hospital Bed – Refurbished

Hill-Rom TotalCare Hospital Bed – Refurbished


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Hill-Rom TotalCare Hospital Bed - Refurbished Hospital Bed hill-rom-totalcare-hospital-bed-refurbished-dentamed-usa DENTAMED USA Hill-Rom
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Hill-Rom TotalCare Hospital Bed – Refurbished

Warranty: Full 1 Year (Medical Facilities) / 90 Days (Residential Customers) – Parts and Labor

Hill-Rom TotalCare Hospital Bed - Refurbished

Overall length
FlexAfoot® fully retracted81.5” (207.0 cm)
FlexAfoot® fully extended93.0” (236.2 cm)
Overall width
Side rails stowed38.0″ (96.5 cm)
Side rails up40″ (102 cm)
Bed height without mattress (5″ CASTERS)
Height from floor to top of deck Minimum17.5” (44.5 cm)
Maximum36.5” (92.7 cm)


Minimum under-bed clearance:
3.25” (82.6 mm) for 5” diameter casters
4.75” (121.0 mm) for 6” diameter casters
1.75” (44.5 mm) (Under the IntelliDriveTM System unit only)
Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg15°/15°
Max Head elevation75°
Safe working load550 lbs (249 kg)
Max Patient weight for SpO2RT Mattress500 lbs (227 kg)
  • Continuous Lateral Rotation Therapy
  • Percussion and Vibration Therapy, including postural setting options
  • Weight based pressure redistribution in any bed position
  • Advanced Microclimate Management technology
  • Point-Of-Care® siderail controls with Graphical Caregiver Interface feature (GCI®).
  • Digital Head of bed angle indicator and alarm   
  • 3 mode bed exit sensor with alarm silence and alarm suspend modes
  • FullChair® and chair egress with stand assist
  • One-button Boost® patient repositioning support
  • Turn assist
  • Optional IntelliDrive® powered transport
  • FlexAfoot® electrical bed retraction and extension
  • HandsFree™ emergency CPR and Trendelenburg
  • History data on patient weight, head of bed elevation, chair position, and pulmonary therapies
  • Therapy reminders
  • Safety stop and alarm for pulmonary therapies when side rails are down


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