ImageWorks ENDOS ACP Intra-Oral X-Ray, 9992700700

ImageWorks ENDOS ACP Intra-Oral X-Ray, 9992700700


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ImageWorks ENDOS ACP Intra-Oral X-Ray 9992700700 X ray imageworks-endos-acp-intra-oral-x-ray-9992700700-dentamed-usa Dentamed USA
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Tailored Settings: Optimize exposure parameters at the touch of a key. Specific modality may be chosen to optimize based on size of the patient and the dentition area. 

Smooth and Robust Movement: Quality craftsmanship that provides light-as-air movement with long term arm stability. 

Flexibility: Endos can be configured with a remote timer allowing you to set all the exposure parameters outside the examination room for staff safety.

ImageWorks ENDOS ACP Intra-Oral X-Ray, 9992700700

  • ENDOS ACP Product Data:
  • Power Supply – 120V 10% 60Hz
  • X-ray tube – 70kV 8mA
  • Focal spot – 0.8 mm IEC 336
  • Focus to skin distance – 20cm (7-7/8″) standard / 30cm (11-13/16″) with optional collimator cone extension
  • X-ray field (at collimator tip) – Diameter 60mm (2-3/8″) / 35x45mm (1-3/8″ x 1-3/4″) with optional diaphragm
  • Duty cycle – 1:32
  • Exposure times – 0.02 to 3.2s in 32 steps
  • Anatomic programs (ACP only) – 30 pre-set times
  • Shipping weight – 80 Lbs (36 Kg)
  • Warranty – 2 years, Limited

9992700604 – Endos ACP Exposure Button
9992700112 – 16″ Wall Mount Plate.

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