Mirage Operatory System MP2015-LED

Mirage Operatory System MP2015-LED


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TPC Mirage Chair Mounted Operatory System MP2015-LED

Packages include the following:

4000 Hydraulic patient chair with wide back and full lumbar support, rotating armrests left or right, double articulating headrest with sliding height adjustment, 30 degree swivel from left and right of center, 3 programmable positions with automatic return and foot control.

Asepsis 3 Handpiece automatic control with coolant controls, fex arm with air brake, diaphragm block design, wet/dry variable speed foot control, deluxe utility center with air /water flters and regulators, master shut o valves. Includes 3 way syringe and light post with cutout for internal wires and monitor bracket.

L600-LED Lucent LED post mounted light with adjustable intensity, 3,000-35,000 Lux.

Mirage Operatory System MP2015-LED


Mirage Operatory System MP2015-LED

  • 2000 Porcelain cuspidor with timed bowl rinse and cup fller, telescoping 4 position assistant’s package, Hve and saliva ejector, water / air quick disconnects, solids collector and clean water system.
  • TPC3WAY-PRT Additional autoclavable 3 way syringe with tubing $67.00 P2330+TB Deluxeautoclavable Hve valve with tubing $55.00
  • WIC800 Standard flat screen monitor bracket $118.00
  • WIC825 Deluxe flat screen monitor bracket with 16” extension $360.00
  • WIC840 Mirage flat screen monitor bracket with 16” extension $190.00 MO17 17” LCD multi media flat screen monitor $500.00
  • A800N-1 Advance 800 piezo scaler – built in $490.00
  • H7000 Illumination System – ISO B (5 hole) – tubing, control box, bulb, power supply $278.00
  • H7040 Illumination handpiece tubing – 5 hole $108.00
  • H7070 Fiber optic bulb cartridge $50.00
  • H7660 Illumination System- ISO C (6 pin) – tubing, control box, power supply $238.00
  • H7045 Illumination handpiece tubing- 6 pin $108.00
  • ALED55BN-A LED 5W curing light – built in to dental unit $390.00
  • TP-2001 Touch pad control – unit head or dental chair mounted 3 preset, $358.00 auto return, last position 53016-L Disposable Solids Collector Trap, 2 1/8′ (pack of 100) $45.00
  • 2000-C Mirage Cuspidor $650.00
  • TPE-2003 Touch pad Control – Chair & Electric Motor System touch pad $460.00 
  • EMB-901 Built in Electric Motor System $1,790.00
  • XV100 Super thin X-ray film viewer $136.00
  • XV150-R X-ray film viewer bracket (curved) for TPC Mirage unit only $80.00.

The Manufacturer  offer a 5 years warranty on defects in workmanship or materials, under normal use, with the purchase of this product. Contact Your Medical Dental Equipment for additional warranty information. The Manufacturer reserves the right to repair or replace warranted products at discretion.

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