Refurbished Hill-Rom Versacare P3200 hospital bed


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Refurbished Hill-Rom Versacare P3200 hospital bed


Refurbishig Process For Hospital Bed

  • Disassemble and disinfect all components
  • Inspect all working components for wear and replace defective parts as necessary
  • Polish, replate, repaint, or replace all exterior components
  • Check  safety switches, lockout switches, foot pedals  replace if necessary
  • Inspect, clean, and lubricate head, knee
  • Recalibrate brake and steer system
  • Inspect and lubricate all pivot points, Siderail latches, instant CPR cables
  • Battery backup replacement
  • Mattress leaking test
  • Hydraulic leaking test
  • Electric motor test
  • Scale calibration
  • siderails cables replacement
  • Air Mattress 24 hours test 


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