Sierra Dental Oil-Less Direct Drive Air Compressor-EGL-6VX

Sierra Dental Oil-Less Direct Drive Air Compressor-EGL-6VX


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The most essential piece of equipment in your dental practice, can now be your most reliable… Introducing the Eagle 6VX oil-less dental compressor. Hand-pieces can cut through more material with less effort, thanks to powerful, consistent air flow made possible by a UL Listed 1 HP Vortex direct-drive head.

If silence is golden, consider Sierra Dental Products to be filthy rich! Equipment room noise is no longer a concern with the Eagle 6VX. Gliding in at just 74 dB, it is the quietest operating compressor in its class, so quiet you may forget it’s on! The Eagle 6VX oil-less compressor helps transform your waiting room into a comfortable place for your patients to relax. 

Each compressor tank is given a generous application of epoxy coating, which creates an anti-microbial surface, preventing patients and staff from coming into contact with harmful bacteria which assist in the spread of periodontal diseases. Also included is our 3 stage Ever-dry system, which consists of a mechanical coalescer, (removes 98% of available moisture) Desiccant dryer, (absorbs remaining moisture) and an auto moisture purge (allows desiccant beads to dry before next fill cycle). This helps keep your distribution lines free from moisture and bacteria, allowing you more time to focus on providing exceptional dental care. 

We confidently stand behind this compressor with our rock solid 3-year warranty, and available maintenance kits. Practice dentistry with confidence, knowing you have the unmatched performance of the Eagle 6VX at your disposal. 

Sierra Dental Oil-Less Direct Drive Air Compressor-EGL-6VX



Capacity: 1-3 Users
Voltage: 230/115 V
Output Power: 1 HP 
Noise Level: 74 dB
Weight: 99 lbs. 
Dimensions: 27″ x 21″ x 24″
Tank Size: 8 gal.
CFM @ 80psi: :4.38
Amps: 7/4 Amps

Dual Oil-Less Direct Drive W/ Auto Moisture Purge
Includes Low Voltage Relay & Desiccant Dryer
Maintenance Kits Available | MK-EGL12

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