Sierra RC-24 Low Voltage Remote Control Panels


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Sierra RC-24 Low Voltage Remote Control Panels

You’re about half way home from a busy day at the office when suddenly, it hits you… “Did I leave my vacuum and compressor running?” Dental equipment is a big investment, and leaving it running overnight can turn out to be a costly mistake. So, wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to determine if your equipment is on or off, simply by glancing at a panel on the wall? 

Sierra RC-24 Low Voltage Remote Control Panels

Your new remote control panel from Sierra Dental Products conveniently allows you to operate your vacuum, compressor, and other utility room equipment at the push of a button! Not to mention, it can be installed almost anywhere in your dental office. Press any one of the green LED buttons, and it instantly lights up, telling you that your equipment is in operation. At the end of each day, simply press the button again and the light goes out, indicating that your equipment is off… Eliminating the need to physically check your equipment room. 

We take great pride in everything we manufacture, and the RC-24 is no exception to that rule! Sierra Dental Products knows you lead a busy life, so we’re dedicated to providing solutions that make practicing dentistry easier! 


RC-24 Specifications:

  • Series: A6
  • Mounting Size: 16mm
  • Operation: Maintained
  • Contacts: SPDT
  • Lens/Button Shape: Round Extended
  • Lens/Button Color: Green
  • Lamp Type: LED (Included)
  • Nominal Lamp Votage: 24 V AC
  • Illumination Circuit: Full Voltage
  • Bezel: Plastic Round
  • Full Shroud: No
  • Current: 3 Amps
  • IEC Rating: IP40
  • Depth Behind Panel: 1.22″
  • Operator Size: 18mm
  • Dimensions: 4.5″ x 4.5″ x 2″
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Fits: Standard 2 Gang Box
  • Fixed Contacts
  • Built-in Limiting Resistor & Reverse Polarity Diode.

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