Tech West Eco-Star Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

Tech West Eco-Star Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump


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Tech West Eco-Star Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump



Our new ECO-STAR Vacuum Pump provides the advantages of proven technology, durable construction, quiet operation and high performance with the latest in water and energy-saving features. This is not only important to you as an environmentally responsible business owner, it also prepares your practice for the upcoming change to metered water usage in many areas of the country. The new ECO-STAR pump features a variable-frequency drive (VFD) and a unique impeller and housing investment casting designed to lower the RPMs while maintaining high suction levels. Our ECO-STAR vacuum pump’s technological advances make it the first liquid-ring vacuum pump with energy-saving technology, in the dental industry

Tech West Eco-Star Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump


The Manufacturer  offer a 5 years warranty on defects in workmanship or materials, under normal use, with the purchase of this product. Contact Your Medical Dental Equipment for additional warranty information. The Manufacturer reserves the right to repair or replace warranted products at discretion.

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