TPC Luminous Led Operatory Light With PoliBlock Filter L-7601-LED


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TPC Luminous Led Operatory light with poliBlock Filter L-7601-LED

2 year warranty

Absorbed Power:Max 8vA
Input voltage:110V/ 220V, 60/ 50 Hz
Output voltage:24 Voltage AC/ DC
Bulb type:LED
Light intentsity: (Lux)3,000- 35,000 Lux@ 700mm
Cooling System;Static Heat sink (no fan)
Illumination area:100mm x 180mm @ 700


Luminous light handles are removable and sterilizable


Luminous LED Operatory Light L-7601-LED

Luminous LED Operatory Light Seneor L-7605-LED

Luminous LED Operatory Light Ceiling Mount L-7901-LED

Light: 37″ x 16″ x 15″ 18 lbs. 


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