Dental Equipment Repair Services

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Dental equipment often has unexpected malfunctions, mostly when you least expect it to. We pride ourselves on our quick response time and dependability.

We know that your business does not have time to wait, so our technicians come ready to fix your equipment problems.

Dentamed certified technicians are always up to date on the newest equipment and technology which minimizes turnaround time. Whether your problem is a leaky unity, a malfunctioning dental light, a cracked cuspidor or a stuck water syringe, we can help.

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A Rolling Repair Shop

In Dentamed, time is money and precision matters. That’s why our vans come to you equipped for any eventuality. inventory in the industry.


You Bought Your Equipment On Ebay, Amazon, Online, Somewhere Else, From Another Dr, No Problem.! We Install It For You No Matter If It Is New Or Used!


We Offer Regular And Scheduled Preventive Maintenance Programs To Keep Your Practice Running Flawlessly.